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Our new corporate website, ibs.gr

by | 12 Jan 2021 | News, Old Projects

We have completed the latest upgrade on our corporate website. The implementation time was longer than expected due to the unprecedented circumstances in the past year of the COVID19 epidemic and the multiple lockdowns.

20 years after the publication of our first website, this anniversary upgrade is perhaps the most important since, in addition to vastly improving the aesthetic aspect of our website we also made sure to greatly enrich our content. It is probably one of the most complete upgrades we have made to date with the main purpose of offering the best possible experience for every user or visitor of our website.

Historical Review 2001-2021, 20 years of continuous online presence

  • v.1.0 – 17/1/2001 Frontpage era
  • v.2.0 – 21/2/2003
  • v.2.5 – 10/09/2004
  • v.3.0 – 30/08/2006 addition of eshop.ibs.gr
  • v.4.0 – 19/7/2007 using myWEBCMS
  • v.4.5 – 14/09/2010
  • v.5.0 – 25/1/2013
  • v.5.5 – 20/02/2013 addition of Blog
  • v.6.0 – 31/03/2014 remove Flash components
  • v.7.0 – 1/10/2015 transition to WordPress
  • v.8.0 – 15/4/2018 designed in Malta (7/17)
  • v.9.0 – 24/12/2020 redesigned during the 1st COVID19 lockdown (TODAY)


  • Total renewal of our Blog so you can be informed easily and quickly about all our news and IT developments.
  • Clients Area accessibility: Easily navigate from the main menu to our online store where you can log in and review the transactions, services, and support contracts you have with our company, and easily and quickly open a new technical support request.
  • New Hosting Services: We recently upgraded our hosting infrastructure to provide even more powerful, reliable, and efficient tools for our customers. The choice is yours, choosing the most suitable hosting plan between two hosting types: Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting.
  • New products and solutions: From today you can find out about some of the new and powerful products and solutions we offer such as ELVOTE, Speakers Time, and Business Phone Solutions.

We are constantly improving our services for You!

Our new website contains information about all products and services of iBS. In the following period, we will continue to update our website with even more general updates, content enrichment for IT topics and issues, and a renewal of our Clients Area page.

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