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Organizing a Best Team Competition for Carnival 2024

from | 26 Feb 2024 | Announcements

Give your visitors the right to vote. Enable attendees to reward with their vote the effort to participate in this year's carnivals

We are very pleased to offer the ELVOTE service for conducting electronic voting for any type of event, for this year's carnivals.

From any type of device, via mobile phone and without requiring any special knowledge from the participant, everyone can vote and participate in local local celebrations of joy, fun and carelessness. Our company, having extensive experience in software development and the provision of electronic voting services, offers sophisticated, secure and easy-to-use technical services.

Ideal for Municipalities, Communities and Associations. It does not require the pre-registration of the voter. Plenty of settings are provided to customize according to your own needs

Our complete proposal for the organization Best Team Competition for Carnival 2024 to Municipalities and Communities it offers the following features and functions:

  • Security: Complete concealment of participants' personal information
  • Flexibility: Adaptation to the special needs and requirements of each organizer
  • Usability: Simple and easy to use! It allows visitors to vote with ease and reliability.
  • Automation: Immediate and automated process of clearing votes and issuing results.

How does the visitor vote?

  • He scans the printed QRCODE with his mobile phone
  • He votes from his mobile phone, without passwords or connections
  • He immediately sees the current results – the ranking of the participations

With the completion – closing of the voting, the display of the final results is done automatically:

  • on the carnival website or
  • on any other website desired by the organizer or
  • sent by email, SMS, Whatsapp wherever you wish!

For the first time, it is possible for the general public to participate for each Municipality, Community or Association. Allow visitors to participate and interact, give a unique experience to every participant.

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