IT Technical Services

Complete technical IT services for the modern office and business. We provide the right productivity tools for the performance, mobility, reliability and security of the computer network of any organization of any size.

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IT systems

We build fully functional IT systems so you can focus only on Your Business

The preventive network maintenance services provided by the iBS team ensure that your software and equipment (servers & workstations) will operate in a stable and reliable manner. We can improve or adapt your information system, dealing with all kinds of issues that annoy or hinder its performance and functionality.

Software Support

As software producers we know how to take care of software in general

We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support services for applications developed by iBS or any third party vendor. The iBS team will help you with problems of any level of complexity – from solution provision and hotfixes to security auditing and application enhancements

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Dynamics


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Equipment support

Supervision and monitoring of the operation of your equipment with early warning in the event of a problem

Round-the-clock monitoring of the critical equipment (servers) in operation and the overall performance of the system to ensure its uninterrupted operation. The support team is notified in time when your system exceeds the predefined operating limits (memory, disk, etc.) to avoid system shutdown.

connectivity & networking

We ensure functionality for every type of equipment for the shop, office, craft, factory and ship.

Integration of technical services for computers, servers, routers, printers, for any type of IT system. Whether you use a computer, a tablet or even a mobile phone, we ensure a continuous connection to your company's server so that you can work seamlessly on all platforms.

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Let's start together!

Contact us to discuss your IT Project: Software Development, Website Production, Office H/W & S/W Equipment, Cloud Hosting Servers and Technical Support, IT Network Maintenance.