Website Production

Complete solutions for Corporate websites, web portals and online stores for professionals and businesses seeking to transition to new ways of collaborating and communicating with customers and partners.

The corporate website is the image of your business to the world, to your potential customers. The construction of a website ensures the permanent promotion and advertising of your company. It makes the presentation of your services, products, and your company's activities easy and immediate.

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Currency selection by the visitor, with automatic exchange rate calculation and saving for next time. Many possibilities depending on the needs of the website.

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Multilingual – without having to translate it. Translation fidelity and optimization capabilities depend on subscription type

paragogi istotopon maps

Use of world map to display all kinds of information (pins) without charge due to traffic or number of origin (websites) of the desired points (pins)

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360 FPV Video & vr tour

360 FPV Video with external aerial shots using a drone or helicopter. VR Tour up to 500m2 with recording stops and labels with information or links


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Implementation of Websites

Implement a website with a modern, flexible user interface to display correctly in any browser and any type of screen.

fast and easy to use

optimized for mobile

based on wordpress

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Content Creation

Creating Content from scratch. Starting from the definition of the needs up to the birth of the content, for each market & industry category.

easy content management

creating content from scratch

friendly to search engines

Technical Support of Computer Networks

Need technical support? Tired of waiting? Want to change servers? Do you want to connect the head office with your branches online? Does your network need an upgrade - expansion? Are you experiencing security issues? Lost data?

Website Maintenance with WordPress

Preventative maintenance of your website is essential to keep it secure and in good working order.

Installing the latest software updates and keeping WordPress core up-to-date, including the theme, the many plugins, as well as the server, is of utmost importance!

10 Common WordPress Security Issues and How to Fix Them

WordPress is the most popular CMS worldwide, powering over 40% of all websites on the internet. It is an open source project, which means that anyone can contribute to its development. Because it is widely used, it is a common target for hackers. Learning about WordPress security issues and taking steps to prevent them, is the cornerstone of survival for website owners.

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Software Development Methods


We design user-friendly software interfaces for every type of device. Full functionality independent of the environment of use.


By taking as a minimum specification the continuation of implementation independent of people, we ensure the sustainability of the software project


We adapt the information system according to your needs and connect it to any other environment requested (Web App, ERP, CRM, BOSCH, etc.)


We apply the necessary techniques and integrate the tools to optimize the code and make it transparent

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Piraeus Street Long Jump

Presentation website of the Piraeus Street Long Jump sporting event event with the world's top jumper Milto Tedoglou as the main protagonist. The website aims to display the program of the event, the results and the sponsorships that are part of the annual celebration of the Sea Days of the Municipality of Piraeus.



Sportpower Sports Goods

Online store of craft production of sporting goods. Sport Power customers can easily search for the desired sports item and complete their purchases in a safe, easy way, from any part of Greece.

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Meknaft Marine Engineering

For MEKNAFT based in the shipbuilding zone of Perama, we created a modern, stylish corporate website. Its primary purpose of operation is to appear high on search engines for those searching for offshore ship repairs


Production & Integration of 360 FPV Video & VR Tour

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4K or 360 FPV Video

Production of edited 4K, 360 FPV Video of 90-120 sec duration with external aerial shots using drone and FPV as well as internal vessel, ship, building, installation, etc.

VR Tour

Production of VR Tour (Guided Tour) with recording stops, stand-alone 360 ​​shots, photos, Hyper Tags, and embedding in website or other software

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