Software development

We develop digital products and offer services from concept conception, prototyping, software development to secure cloud operation. Analysis, Design, Code Development, Software Debugging services for specialized business needs.

In particular, we have long experience and expertise in:

  • production SaaS software products
  • systems implementation electronic voting
  • interconnection of its systems BOSCH batteries and motors such as Praesideo, BVMS & ?
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Software development

We implement software projects, with full responsibility for their operation. The scope of each project is discussed and agreed upon in the early stages with a clear and informed discussion of pros and cons.

analysis - writing of technical specifications

prototype design

code development in c#, JAVA, PHP LARAVEL

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Techniques & Technologies

We use various software development technologies and are committed to keeping up with the latest software development trends, tools and technologies. We ensure that the architecture of a software allows changes without affecting its performance.



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Software Development Methods


We design user-friendly software interfaces for every type of device. Full functionality independent of the environment of use.


By taking as a minimum specification the continuation of implementation independent of people, we ensure the sustainability of the software project


We adapt the information system according to your needs and connect it to any other environment requested (Web App, ERP, CRM, BOSCH, etc.)


We apply the necessary techniques and integrate the tools to optimize the code and make it transparent

Parliament of the Greeks City Hall of Athens

Electronic Voting and Registration of Speakers for the Hellenic Parliament

The iBS development team designed and implemented for Bosch Dicentis Multimedia. The progress of the registration of speakers and votes is displayed in real time on the screen of the system operator, on the screen of the bureau and optionally on any other screen that is decided. At the start of speaker registration and voting, Members of Parliament declare their intention to participate using their magnetic card by swiping it at the Bosch Dicentis bearing unit.

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Saas diadiktiaki efarmogi analisis psc epitheorisewn ploiwn


Ship Inspections PSC Analysis Online Application

We have developed software platform to provide PSC Performance Analytics. It is an automated software engine that integrates validated data and with appropriate mathematical modeling, produces predictions and analyzes to prevent and prepare the ship before its inspection.


Yachts Charter Management Web Application SaaS

FOMCS is a vessel and charter management system. It includes end-to-end functions such as marketing, reservations, tenant screening, vessel management, charter management and payment processing. Through the FOMCS API, FOMCS customers – boat operators and owners – can make their fleet available for booking on any online marketplace for boat rentals or even sales.

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xronometris omilitwn

Speaker Timer – CHRONOMETRO

CHRONOMETRO is the ideal professional speaker timing solution for Boardrooms, Political Parties, City Councils, Local Assemblies, Conference Organizers. It is available as a Web App for every type of device and also as a device for permanent installations.


Many years of experience in the implementation of Information Systems

Our many years of experience starts with the advent of Windows 95. From the time of Novell & Clipper until today many IT projects have been successfully delivered by iBS.

Businesses in the fields of Shipping, Transport, Healthcare, Tourism, and Government Organizations entrusted us with the development of software to frame their IT Systems.

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