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The innovative all-in-one solution for charter operators.  Speed up the office work by automating your yacht chartering process, and tracking payments

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  • Crew Handling
  • Yacht Sales
  • Yacht Chartering

Administering your Yacht Management & Chartering Company wasn’t ever so simple!

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Check Availability Engine

The Advanced Yachts’ Check Availability Engine is a fast and easy way to enable online booking for your own fleet directly from your website or other connected portals.

Quick and Easy Implementation

You are fully independent when it comes to your website. Implement your preferred style, colors, and fonts that fit your needs seamlessly.

APIs for Chartering and Sales

The API connection is fast, easy to implement, and allows you to display your fleet exactly the way you prefer. With the reliable JSON format, API is fast in processing your requests and delivering results. The response time is down to a minimum making the desired data available at all times.

Simple Integration

The API manual comes with many examples of various calls in all existing program languages as well as a list of all possible results or errors.

what is api

API for Yachts Portals

Create your preferred yachts’ marketplace and have available for chartering or/and for sales all yachts from all owners.

API for Yachts Operators

Connect your corporate website with your yachts. Monetize your Yachts Management Applications offering a professional chartering experience to your customers.

API for Yachts Clubs

All Clubs’ yachts from all yachts owners are available for chartering or Sale on a website. Activate your club’s members, and gain more memberships. 

Custom Websites

We can design and build you a website that is up to the yacht charter industry’s latest trends and directly connected to your FOMCS account. Being a part of the Yacht charter industry enables us to design websites tailored to the current charter market trends.

Implementation prices depending how your customer will book and pay a charter. The potential customer visiting your website will check the yachts’ availability and will book:

  • Case1: using the email system
  • Case2: directly create a booking to FOMCS
  • Case3: directly create a booking to FOMCS and will handle his booking through the owner’s website

Available solutions for any kind of need

Websites implementation prices start from 1.500€!

Rent and Use a Pre-made Website

Do you want to try your online business without worries?

Rent a pre-made website already connected to FOMCS, upload your yachts, and create your pricelists. Have your fleet online on a business day!

Available plans for any business size

5 Yachts 10 Yachts 25 Yachts Unlimitied Yachts

Starting from 100€/mo, all-inclusive!
Hosting, Domain Name, FOMCS license, Website initialization

design or rent website for chartering yachts

Custom Websites about Yacht Chartering

Choose your preferred template and in a week, we will bring it online with your content, ready to serve your business

SAILON360, Yacht Chartering Website

SAILON360, Yacht Chartering Website

SAILON360 comes with a bunch of prebuilt inner pages for your convenience. Making use of the power of DIVI Page Builder to edit them easily. read more

SAILONSEA, Yacht Chartering Website

SAILONSEA, Yacht Chartering Website

From Sailonsea’s Dashboard, you have the ability to see all your bookings and easily keep track of them. You can view, delete and export all booking requests read more

GOFORSAIL, Yacht Chartering Website

GOFORSAIL, Yacht Chartering Website

The innovative all-in-one solution for charter operators.  Speed up the office work by automating your yacht chartering process, and ... read more

MYSAILON, Yacht Chartering Website

MYSAILON, Yacht Chartering Website

Your template will adapt automatically to the screen size of the device and display all the content in an intuitive and simple way. read more

FOREYACHT, Yacht Chartering Website

FOREYACHT, Yacht Chartering Website

With our Maps, your customers can view the map of the marinas' locations, and all available yachts in every marina, and book their preferred yacht. read more

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

iBS has long experience in yacht chartering systems and has the know-how of connectivity with other systems such as NauSYS. We offer complete solutions and options, for all sizes of fleet operators.

Yachts Chartering

Create Price lists for One-Day, Multi-Day charters, payments, and cancelations policies. Initialize check availability functionality with advanced filtering capabilities for all your fleet.

Yacht Sales

Publish your Yachts for Sales on your website and others Yachts sales Portals. Your sales offers, orders, and payments will be tracked, and organized and you will be always in-line.

Yachts Management

Yachts management provides detailed technical characteristics, inventory, licenses & certificates, photos & videos gallery. Including also Yachts Maintenance Service Calendar and works logbook

Associates Management

Control and manage your yacht shipping company, and speed up office work. One central place to manage a variety of different assets: crew, agents, marinas, base managers, and customers.

Financial Management

Your business wallet! Records all debits/credits, notifications pending payments & overdue collections, from all your associates and your yachts. Get filtered views about your financial balances.


Publish your yachts to your website or any other connected portal to FOMCS. Yachts Chartering API and Yachts for Sales API provide all FOMCS functionality to your ‘hands’.

Users Administration

Advanced user administration & accessibility. Choose ‘Who and What’ each user may do and additionally assign management to specific users, one or many yachts

Libraries / Assets

Available are rich libraries for use consisting of countries, regions, marinas as well as yacht builders and yacht models. Additionally, exchange Rates automatically updated from FED & ECB


Online, friendly Broker e-Brochures for your boats including your photos and video galleries. Share, and print e-Brochures about your yachts, having your logo and company details

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