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Web Application Analyzing PSC Inspections

by | 4 Apr 2018 | Featured Projects, Our works


The Customer is operating a DNV Certified Training Center and a LR ISO 9001 certified management system providing Consulting, Training and Information products in these areas.


Our Customer objective was to have an online intelligence platform providing inspection analytics, fleet & ship operator benchmarking. Using big data analytics an operator would benchmark his ships, fleet & company, against industry standards and get a clear insight of his performance gaps and a roadmap to continually improve.

The customer was looking for a contractor who could understand the specific needs of the shipping industry and could create from scratch the needed software application. The contractor could follow customer‘s development needs as it appears using this new application. Specifically:

  • Object oriented PHP programming
  • Trusty partner for handling sensitive data and industry information

iBS becomes the Customer’s chosen technological partner and still today we are supporting this application.


It is important not just to create an application but also to create a fast application, which will result in accelerating revenue. Integration with so-called caching backend is often one of the main steps taken to improve a web application performance.

We choose Laravel Framework because supports file cache driver, which stores cached objects in the file system and it is even possible to configure multiple cache configurations. Laravel as a MVC framework allowed the separation of the business logic from the presentation layer. This “Separation of Concerns” will allow current or future developers to quickly find and edit portions of the code and easy reuse of the UI components – better maintainability of the code.

We developed high performance reporting system about companies, ships, inspections, ports’ KPIs. User may filter and create tailor made reports through large amount of data (today’s: 30461 ships, 2623 companies, 266196 inspections etc).


PHP Laravel Framework, MySQL


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