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Voting and Speakers’ Registration Software for the Hellenic Parliament

by | 28 Apr 2018 | Featured Projects, Our works


The customer is the Hellenic Parliament that appointed, following international tender, to an experienced contractor of Bosch professional equipment, the supply and installation of the required equipment.


The Hellenic Parliament wanted the creation of an application in Greek language, for managing the parliament members’ speech timer, the speakers’ registration and the secure conduction of the electronic voting.

As iBS went to become the Customer’s chosen technological partner, the list of identified challenges grew to include the following to be addressed both by the development team:

  • Previous experience on implementing software for Bosch professional equipment
  • Capability to develop applications on Android and Windows operating systems
  • Ability to train and guide Parliament Members in using the new system


On the benches of the plenary of the Parliament, 300 Bosch Dicentis Multimedia devices were installed by the contractor, and were connected to the main server for their operation through Bosch Meeting Application and Bosch Synoptic.

The development team of iBS, implemented a Windows application for the central management of all the equipment: the result display screens in the plenary hall, the stenographers’ computers, the connection with the timer and the communication with Bosch Meeting Application. The operator has the ability, with the press of a button to set what will be displayed on the result display screens as well as to the Parliament channel.

The development team of iBS designed and implemented for the Bosch Dicentis Multimedia, Android applications for speakers’ registration and parliament members’ voting, in Greek language. The progress of the speaker’s registration and voting, displays in real-time on the system operator’s screen, the presidium’s screen and if chosen, to any selected screen. When commencing the speakers’ registration or/and voting, Parliament Members declare their intention to participate by using their magnetic card on bench’s unit – Bosch Dicentis Multimedia.

After the completion of the electronic voting, the detailed results are displayed on the system operator’s screen, the main screens of the hall and the computers of the Legislative Operation department.

Technologies and tools

Bosch Meeting Application and Client API, C#, C++, Android Studio, Microsoft SQL Server


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