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Validation of the first post-memorandum draft budget

by | 21 Dec 2018 | Ανακοινώσεις, Νέα

December 18 of 2018, is a reference point for the country’s political affairs, as the first post-memorandum draft budget was voted. The final vote showed 154 MPs voting in favor and 143 against. This was a roll-call vote in which participated almost the whole elected parliamentary body, with 297 Members presenting.

The Bosch Dicentis Multimedia devices, combined with the use of iBS’s electronic voting software, has achieved a simultaneous and rapid connection of the remarkable number of 297 MEPs. The challenge has been great because of the importance of the parliamentary process. The development team of iBS, worked hard to complete on time the second version of the electronic voting software for the Hellenic Parliament. In addition, we undertook the technical coverage and diligence for the electronic voting. The results of the electronic voting, appeared on the central screen of the Parliament, right after the voting was finalized.

We hope that the first post-memorandum draft budget, along with the successful example of the electronic voting of the Hellenic Parliament, will be a good omen for the modernization of the public sector. Taking the Hellenic Parliament as an example, in which the adoption of hi-tech systems, along with the cooperation between the private and public sector, reveals that complex IT projects are feasible to be completed at the foreseen time and on the estimated costs and most importantly, to be a benchmark either for us or for the manufacturer – Bosch.

The development team of iBS, feels the need to thank all the decision makers, who have played a role in the effective implementation of the project and hopes for similar successful future collaborations.

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