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Hosting resources FREE upgrade for all iBS’s customers

by | 15 Jan 2019 | Νέα

By hosting your corporate website – online store to iBS cloud infrustrucutre, you will enjoy the robust Warranty for Uninterrupted Operation and Security.

With 99.9% uninterrupted time guarantee, iBS offers a high-standard hosting service, which strengthens confidence in anyone who wants to find a reliable hosting provider. With built-in scanners to detect malicious code and threats, we offer powerful virus protection and uninterrupted tracking of hosted sites. IBS will help you have a smooth and efficient website with minimal problems and almost zero interruptions. Additionally with the use of CDN services, you can benefit from faster webpage loading times for the readers, customers and all visitors of your website.

100% availability in hosting services in 2018

  • IBS in 2018 succeeded in having 100% availability in its hosting services. We are housed in Lamda Hellix’s award-winning Athens-2 which is the First Data Center in SE Europe that has been awarded the Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility.
  • We have achieved immediate restoration for the few sites that have been attacked. The causes of the attack were un-updated WordPress and the existence of easy passwords for connecting via FTP. With absolute success, we were instantly restoring all deleted content through our backup infrastructure.

Free upgrade of hosting disk space, for all our customers

For 2019 we offer all our customer hard disk space FREE upgrade. You can use it to have backups taken more regularly. That’s right, you can benefit from a local backup even with the most economical hosting plan. Specifically:

  • Small Hosting: From 1 GB to 2 GB
  • Medium Hosting: From 3 GB to 5 GB
  • Advanced Hosting: From 5 GB to 10 GB
  • Premium Hosting: From 25 GB to 50 GB

The increase in disk space will be performed automatically for all of our customers’ hosting plans and will not affect the operation of their websites. Additionally you can read more in our corporate, website hosting page or even connect to iBS client area and directly check the current resource usage of your hosting plan.

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