Proactive Maintenance for WordPress Websites

Proactive maintenance for WordPress websites is imperative to keep your corporate website, and your online store secure and running smoothly. Installing the latest software updates and keeping WordPress core up-to-date, including the theme, the many plugins, as well as the server, is of utmost importance!

We provide professional WordPress installation support and maintenance services, including 24/7 security monitoring, 24 hours a day server backups, weekly updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins, and custom feature customization.

What is included

  • Site Check:
    Once you’ve signed up to our service, we’ll check your site for any modified themes or plugins that could cause problems during upgrades. We will also check for points where we could suggest a better alternative. A full report will be drawn up for you. If there are no obstacles, then we will update your WordPress installation, as well as any plugins you have, to the latest version.
  • Check for Updates:
    Every month we will connect to your WordPress installation and perform the necessary updates.
  • Breach Check / File Scan:
    We will regularly scan your website to check for any malware or suspicious activity. Even a fully updated website can be hacked if someone discovers a vulnerability in the WordPress code or in one of its plugins, for which a bug update has not yet been issued. If we discover a problem, we will attempt to identify the source of the security vulnerability and restore your site to the latest healthy version from the backups we have.
  • Full Website Backup:
    We will schedule a process for you to receive automatic backups, which we will store in your own secure storage located on our servers.
  • Website Recovery:
    In the event that we discover any issues during our regular checks, or you report a problem with your site to us, we will roll it back to its latest healthy version. So even if you or your developer accidentally deleted the entire site, we’re here to save you.

Duration & Periodicity

  • Once a month the provision of the website Preventive Maintenance service
  • On-demand or with a certain duration of validity of the website Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance Fee

The value of the fee for the Preventive website maintenance service is determined by the following factors:

  • File and Database Size
  • Lots of Extras
  • Traffic
  • Server Infrastructure Type
  • Security Policy and Backup History

Keep your online business, portal, eshop, and website always ALIVE

Ideal for professionals and businesses to always have their Wordpress website up to date, protected and up and running.

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