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Taking control of Bosch Dicentis Multimedia Devices

by | 29 Jun 2018 | Informatics, Νέα

The DICENTIS Conference System is the revolutionary IP-based platform for the integrated conference world of tomorrow. Bosch Dicentis Multimedia Devices are revolutionary because except of using Bosch Speaker Registration and Voting, are Open for Developing and implementing your Custom Made Applications.

The DICENTIS Devices with 7 inch touchscreen delivers many conference functions. Fast participant recognition is possible by means of an NFC (Near Field Communication) identification card. It was a great pleasure having the opportunity of using the Dicentis Multimedia devices and we could say “bravo Bosch” for offering these kind of Android devices. The Contractor took the responsibility of installing the devices on the Hellenic parliaments’ benches and he ordered us to develop a suitable software solution that will meet all Parliament’s specifications.

In the Hellenic Parliaments’ project for implementing an electronic Voting and Speakers’ Registration Software there were two fundamental specifications: (a) all the application’s options to appear in Greek language and (b) the usage of Bosch Dicentis Multimedia devices to be limited – locked for use only for the applications selected by the Technical Service Dept of the Parliament. These fundamental specifications were the reasons for not using the ready made Bosch Voting Application and make us build from scratch a new Application.

We seeked out all the possible ways to overcome the current functionality of the Bosch devices and at the same time preserving the proper operation of the system. To achieve this we combined technologies and libraries from Android NDK and with the use of C++ we finally communicated “on low level” with the devices.

With the above technologies we succeeded in defining what will appear on the screens of Bosch Dicentis Multimedia after turning them on. Additionally we installed the Electronic Voting Application for Hellenic Parliament (#ELVOTEforDicentis), that we implemented according to the specifications of the Hellenic Parliament.

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