Speakers Time

Ideal for programming speakers’ timings and displaying the time of intervention of the speakers. Mostly recommended for meeting rooms, conferences, parliaments.

Speakers Time is a light weighted windows software application, managing and presenting the available and running Speaker’ timings and Presenter’s desktop screen to Hall Displays Monitors.

With Speakers Time the operator will submit the available time for each speaker and the forwards or backward counting will start on the operator’s demand. During the speech, the operator may PAUSE the counting or/and END it.

In advance, Speakers Time makes presentation and education as visual as it would be in person.

Speakers Management, who is speaking now, who is next, will be simple, fast and an awesome experience from your touchscreen Laptop, Tablet, or/and desktop computer.

Operating Modes

Broker & Timer

Works on any touchscreen computer. From this device, the moderator controls all connected monitors.


Makes presentation and education as visual as it would be in person. You can present a design, document, or website exactly as it displays on your screen—while it’s happening.


Upon the operator will decide to start displaying the speaker’s timings or presenter’s desktop screen, then the magic happens to the specified monitor.

Service Features

This is where the magic happens. Save speakers’ names, control the countdown timer, and set up some presets – you´re done. The monitors will connect automatically if networking is turned on.

Visualization of the running speaking time on the screen and photo with details about the speaking speaker.

The available and running time is displayed on Hall’s large screens. The connectivity status of the display points is always available offering a ZERO administration environment for the operator.

Control multiple independent monitors from a single broker instance. Think about having multiple breakout sessions during a conference. You can control their content from your central control booth.

You can present a design, document, or website exactly as it displays on your screen—while it’s happening to the chosen Hall Displays Monitors. Now you may present voting results, statistics, and infographics from your 3rd party application without worry.

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Fast Deployment

You just need a power supply and WiFi connectivity from your touchscreen device to your monitor devices.


Connect as many monitors you like and choose if they will display speakers’ timings, speakers list, or presenter’s screen.

Lightweight App

Run any other Windows Applications simultaneously and without any interference.

Your Presenter

Present Voting Results, infographics, Statistics, etc. from your 3rd party application without worryings.

Technical Support

Technical support may be delivered by different technologies depending on the situation. Direct questions can be addressed using phone calls and emails. Other functional issues can be addressed over the phone or, increasingly, by using remote access repair services.

Zero Downtime

Speakers Time is a reliable and easy-to-use application without any kind of complexity. Power on your devices and if networking is turned on, enjoy your personal timer.

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