Public Announcement with text2speech software solution for Athens International Airport

Client Background

The Customer has legendary background in design and execution of Large and Complex technology projects as he took the responsibility for upgrading and installing the new Public Address system in Athens International Airport

Business challenge

Our Customer wanted an announcement software system connecting to Bosch Praesideo and allowing Athens International Airport announcers to write announcements combined with automated data like flight details and automatically text to be transformed to speech and through Bosch PA professional equipment to be announced.

As iBS went to become the Customer’s chosen technological partner, the list of identified challenges grew to include all the following to be addressed by the development team:

  • Ease to understand Bosch Praesideo SDKs
  • IT excellent knowledge
  • Developing Secure Web Applications meeting Greek airports’ requirements

Solution Overview

iBS’s app development team of one project analyst and two .NET developers kicked off cooperation with the Customer, launching a project to develop a software solution for handling Bosch Praesideo PA system. The solution was designed to streamline the announcements of the airport. In the course of the project, iBS ramped up the team with third .NET developer to meet the increased demand.

For the synthetic speech technology for public announcements at the AIA airport, we used innoetics TTS. Meanwhile we implemented the connectivity with individual airport’s systems such as, the automatic migration with flights data, airport names, etc.

To help the company reduce the testing costs, iBS’s team came up with a test automation solution. It allowed building and running coded UI tests (automated tests of the user interface) for multiple announcements. At this point, the overall testing team size totaled 4 specialists.

With the growing number of announcements, it was important to provide users with full analysis and reporting capabilities. iBS’s team created a multilevel report system.


Team Responsibility Areas

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cloud Hosting
  • CentOS Server
  • mySQL Server

Back-end development

  • PHP
  • Laravel

Front-end development

  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions


  • Infrastructure Integration
  • UI Design
  • Deployment
  • Backlog Maintenance

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