Production of Software for PSC Analysis of Ship Inspections

We have developed software platform to provide PSC Performance Analytics. It is an automated software engine that integrates validated data and with appropriate mathematical modeling, produces predictions and analyzes to prevent and prepare the ship before its inspection.

Customer history

Η SQE Marine he is top notch provider consulting services Maritime Safety, SMS, Ship Manuals and Regulatory Compliance. It has been successfully providing a wide range of products and services to more than 1.600 customers (based in 75+ countries) for the last 25 years, operating an ISO 9001 LRQA certified management system.

Business challenge

Shipping as an international activity requires internationally recognized rules and their uniform application. In order to achieve the above, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) was created, which is responsible for the creation of international conventions, the observance of which is the responsibility of each flag (state) of the ship. The flag identifies the nationality of the ship and determines the law that will govern the ship and crew. It authorizes Organizations (Certificates) to inspect its ships based on its regulations and to issue certificates of airworthiness.

Internationally, it has been decided the need to carry out additional inspections on ships arriving at ports that fly a different flag from the port state. These inspections are called Port State Control Inspections. The purpose of these inspections is to ascertain the required skill of the master and crew, as well as the condition / equipment of the ship based on the international conventions governing safe navigation, the protection of human life and the protection of the environment. The detection of serious violations during a PSC inspection results in the detention of the vessel, whether it is carrying cargo or not. The ship's Flag, the Surveyor who monitors it as well as the ship-owning company are immediately notified. The action of these three members who are connected to the ship must be immediate and efficient so that the ship can be released as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost. The reputation and level of the members is judged from the results of the inspections. 

The SQE Marine wanted the creation of a software platform to provide PSC Performance Analyticsof an automated engine that integrates validated data with appropriate mathematical modeling to enhance performance and benchmarking.


Solution overview

The iBS team has implemented a range of software development services for SQE Marine. Among them, the development of online software including ordered APIs. Our primary goal, was to create a stable software system to efficiently handle the huge amount of data and to code all the necessary algorithms to reduce the time required to provide the online reports. 

Team Areas of Responsibility

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cloud Hosting
  • CentOS server
  • mySQL Server
  • Redis

Back end development

  • PHP
  • Laravel

Front end development

  • Bootstrap
  • javascript
  • WordPress


  • Infrastructure Integration
  • UI Design
  • Deployment
  • Backlog Maintenance

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