Electronic Voting and Registration of Speakers for the Hellenic Parliament

The iBS development team designed and implemented for Bosch Dicentis Multimedia. 

Customer history

The Hellenic Parliament is the highest democratic institution that represents the citizens through an elected body of 300 Deputies. The Hellenic Parliament, after an international tender, appointed an official Bosch contractor for the supply and installation of the Bosch DICENTIS Conference System.

Business challenge

The Parliament debates – passes bills and laws. As soon as the relevant Standing Committee has completed the processing and examination or discussion – passing of bills and laws, the proposals are entered in the Agenda for discussion and voting in the Plenary. Bills and proposals are discussed and voted on in principle, by article and as a whole. 

The Hellenic Parliament wanted the creation of an application in the Greek language, for the management of the speaking time of the deputies, the registration of the speakers and the safe conduct of electronic voting.


Solution overview

The iBS team has implemented a range of system integration and software development services for the Hellenic Parliament. Developed an application for the management of Electronic voting, registration of speakers and for the speaking time of MPs. The app was connected to devices Speaker's Timer with the Plenary view screens as well as the UI for Multimedia Devices Bosch Dicentis. The aim was to create an automated system to manage and handle all plenary processes. 


Team Areas of Responsibility

System Integration

  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • Redis

Back end development

  • C#

Front end development

  • JAVA


  • Project management
  • Design & Development
  • System Completion
  • Debugging
  • Education


What was the effect of creating electronic voting for parliaments?

In our experience, the most common challenge businesses face when developing an eLearning trading platform is a lack of understanding of what the final product will look like. Another challenge is the need for highly experienced software engineers to solve the unique issues that arise from building a digital educational platform for investors and traders.

What was the effect of creating electronic voting for parliaments?

Electronic Voting of the Hellenic Parliament is our biggest project as we managed to build a great team and built a highly functional app within six months. Our achievements correspond to monthly cost reduction production by 40%.

Where can I learn how to develop an Electronic Voting application for parliaments? 

If you want to create an online voting application for parliaments for educational reasons and you have no experience in this area, turn to professionals. The team of iBS will answer all your questions about the development process and give you valuable insights into building e-voting applications. 

The progress of the registration of speakers and votes is displayed in real time on the screen of the system operator, on the screen of the bureau and optionally on any other screen that is decided. At the start of speaker registration and voting, Members of Parliament declare their intention to participate using their magnetic card by swiping it at the Bosch Dicentis bearing unit.

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