FOMCS Vessel and Charter Management System

FOMCS is a vessel and charter management system. It includes a host of functionalities such as marketing, reservations, renter control, boat management, charter management and payment processing.

Customer history

Η ATLANTIS Global Management Information Systems was founded by the cooperation of Greek and Turkish businessmen with long experience in the yacht charter and management industry. ATLANTIS mission is to provide solutions based on cloud for the company Yacht & Marine based on real operations such as reservation systems, yachtfolio for associations, clubs and unions.

Business challenge

A yacht manager is in charge of the yacht. Major decisions and the overall operation of the vessel are overseen by yacht managers, who are also the main point of contact for the owners. The Yacht Managers is responsible for management, maintenance, crew, etc. 

 ATLANTIS wanted the creation of an integrated system addressed to companies and individuals professionally engaged in the rental of pleasure boats. He also wanted to have a b2b e-commerce to allow customers to sign up and pay on a monthly or yearly basis, being able to manage their own plan, including upgrading, without having to wait for human assistance. 


Solution overview

The iBS team has implemented a number of software applications specifically for rental companies. Having deep knowledge of the subject, starting from the time of Rental & Sales Managers, the iBS team designed and developed FOMCS, the Yacht Management System & Charter. 

The FOMCS Yacht & Charter management system includes end-to-end functions such as reservations, charterer screening, yacht management, charter management and payment processing. Through the FOMCS API, FOMCS customers – yacht operators and owners – can make their fleet available for booking on any online marketplace for yacht bookings or even sales. 

The goal was to create an ALL-IN-ONE system that includes the Yacht & Charter Management, the necessary APIs for any installation, the b2b e-commerce solution to manage FOMCS subscriptions with recurring payments and connect to ATLANTIS ERP. 

Finally, by using the WordPress Subscriptions extension, we have implemented a flexible system, easy to manage and fully secure.  

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Team Areas of Responsibility

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cloud Hosting
  • CentOS server
  • mySQL Server

Back end development

  • PHP
  • Laravel

Front end development

  • Bootstrap
  • javascript
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions


  • Infrastructure Integration
  • UI Design
  • Deployment
  • Backlog Maintenance

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