No network connection required. Supports two or more viewing screens connected via HDMI, SVGA, Ethernet/WiFi.


View speakers time whether there is an internet connection or not 

Ideal for

Conference Rooms  
Political parties
City Councils
Local Assemblies
Professional Conference Organizers


CHRONOMETRO makes it possible to view the running speakers’ time from all device types, from any location.

The administrator, in addition to managing the speakers’ time, has full control at all times. We believe that we have included all possible options.

By using an HTML link it is possible to view the speaker’s time either in your online session via Zoom, WebEx, Skype, etc., or in the conference room.

Speaker Time Management

Display available and / or elapsed time, choose the timing method and customize sound notifications.

Multilingual Environment

With a flick, display all the settings of the management environment in the desired language.

Speaker Time View

Speakers’ time is displayed in the room’s large screen and to the connected viewing screens.

Save Settings

Settings are saved automatically and everything is ready when you reopen the system.


The timer equipment can operate smoothly in continuous 24-hour operation – it never goes out. If it still goes out, it reboots and enters automatically in standby mode for the timing to start.


Elegant time display

Works for all device types

Shares speakers' time everywhere

Customize Timer Appearance

The administrator selects between the type, size, background color, and font of the timer.

Customize Sound Notifications

The administrator adjusts the sound and listening rhythm.

Lock Admin Settings

Any customization is automatically saved and locked to prevent accidental changes.

Title – Message

Optionally display the title of the session or any message by the administrator.

Communication with other software

By using an API, all settings and the operating status of the timer can be sent to other software in real-time.

Select display language

Multilingual environment with constant addition of new languages.

Multilingual environment with constant addition of new languages.

Free use of the Web version without the ability to save settings and to use a URL link to share the time display screen. The administrator shares his screen with viewers so they can see the running time.

Chronometro for Professionals

Use the timer in full operation. Each license corresponds to a unique URL such as, providing a lasting connection for other web devices for viewing the timer screen.

Chronometro on Device

No network connection required. Supports two or more viewing screens connected via HDMI, SVGA.