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The renewed Website for taperaki.gr

from | 8 Sep 2023 | Our works, News

The taperaki.gr is an online blog where you can find mainly interesting cooking recipes as well as posts about parents, parenting, co-parenting, human relationships and fairy tales. The iBS team undertook the complete visual and technological renewal of the website.

  1. Improved the display of cooking recipes to make them easier for the user to find.
  2. Integrated search with which the user can search for a recipe based on the criteria of his choice.
  3. Built-in automatic multilingual functionality on the website in Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
  4. Created new taxonomies for Occasions, Ingredients, Cooking Purpose, and Articleography associated with Posts to better categorize recipes.
  5. Implemented the functionality of creating new taxonomies by the administrator
  6. Implemented functionality to read recipe metadata and improve it for better indexing by the Google engine.

As it is an online blog, we implemented the easy sharing of recipes on Facebook and added all the necessary plugins required for the security and good functioning of the website.

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