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New website of ıBS v.10.0

from | 25 Aug 2023 | Announcements, News

In recent years, with the rapid development of technology and the Internet, it has made Internet users much more demanding. The internet changes every day and thus the construction of a website should follow these developments, in order to respond to the trends of the time and offer ease of use. Prospective customers should be able to navigate easily and quickly find what they are looking for on the website. For example, as we update our storefront, our corporate website should also be updated.

Contributor comments

ako framed

Antonio – Desıgner

For the design, I took into account the comments of partners and customers and in the end I designed our new corporate website with the sole criteria: the visitor to be able to understand the multitude of services provided by ıBS, as an IT company


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Thodoris – Frontend

Implementing the DIVI Theme according to the original from FIGMA is a painstaking process because as many times as I thought I had it done, I was correcting colors and fonts as many times. After all, typography is A and Z for each site production.


nar framed

Nikos – Backend

Everything seemed easy to them and quickly implementable. To achieve the desired result I had to intervene several times in the code of the pages and the base. Ah, that database with a good scrıpt everything is solved faster


Historical Review of editions

From 2000 to present, 23+ years of continuous online presence

  • First published – 17/1/2000 (Tools: Plain HTML)
  • v.1.0 – 2/8/2002 (Tools: Ms Frontpage)
  • v.1.5 – 27/3/2003 (Tools: Ms Frontpage)
  • v.2.0 – 21/12/2003 (Tools: Ms Frontpage)
  • v.2.5 – 10/09/2004 (Tools: Ms Frontpage)
  • v.3.0 – 30/08/2006 (Tools: Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver & Flash)
    Integration of an online store to manage hosting subscriptions (Hosting)
  • v.4.0 – 19/7/2007 (Tools: Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver & Flash)
    Full integration of myWEBCMS
  • v.4.5 – 14/09/2010 (Tools: Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver & Flash)
  • v.5.0 – 25/1/2013 (Tools: Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver & Flash)
  • v.5.5 – 20/02/2013 (Tools: Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver & Flash)
    Add Blog, IT Calculator and Sıte Estımator
  • v.6.0 – 31/03/2014 (Tools: Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver, WHMCS)
    Stop using Flash and WHMCS integration
  • v.7.0 – 1/10/2015 (Tools: Adobe Fireworks, WHMCS & WordPress)
    Switch to WordPress
  • v.8.0 – 15/4/2018 (Tools: Figma, WHMCS & WordPress)
    New Design. First remote full time job from Malta 
  • v.9.0 – 24/12/2020 (Tools: Figma, WHMCS & WordPress)
    New Design, pduring the Corona period. Starting in the 1st COVID lockdown and ending in the 2nd.
  • v.9.5 – 1/10/2022 (Tools: Figma, WHMCS & WordPress)
    Functionality and content structure improvements
  • v.10.0 – 1/8/2023 (Tools: Figma, WHMCS & WordPress)
    • New Design
    • GTranslate integration for the most immediate and manageable website translation.
    • Addition of a "smart" form for receiving requests for an offer or contact.
    • Add LIVE CHAT communication line

The Total Upgrade of our website was done with special care and diligence. From design to implementation, our goal was to offer the best possible experience to every user or visitor for the type of services we provide in the IT sector.

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