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Life of a Software Engineer

by | 14 Mar 2019 | Informatics, Νέα

As a Software engineer, you have to realize clients’ dreams. The only personal goal is the successful completion of the software project, overtaking any obstacle that may exist, starting from your EGO first.

When you undertake a software project, in addition to the commercial benefit you derive, the prospects from the successful completion can also be significant.

Generally, holistic compliance with the agreed technical specifications is the basis, it is the safe framework that you have to work in the process of implementation. Particular to software projects, the above-mentioned framework can be changed, expanded, and take dimensions that were initially very difficult or even impossible to assess.

No matter how well the software project has been analyzed and described in the technical specifications, there could be a big difference between customers’ expectations and provided analysis, first design, in the implementation process, and finally at end-user use. Anyway, for a software project, we are talking about.

Please always be prepared, you will be totally responsible in case of failure, and in case of success, the project owner will receive the acknowledgment!

No matter how others see you or treat you, you are the developer and you have to follow the “off-road” path. Hear your client’s needs and ignore them, keep designing/developing as you THINK IT WILL WORK BEST. Take the RISK!

Focus on the successful completion of the project, use your experience and work methodically, and show perseverance and commitment to the goal. With continual effort and collective spirit, you’ll try to achieve the best possible, always honoring your collaborations. Recognize that alone with your EGO even these lines of text, you could not write! The Computer… is helping you! The Internet and information technology industry is based on collectivity and cooperation, people and machines! Keep always in your mind that in big projects the fight for EGO will start. So start from your EGO before taking care of others’ EGO.

Finally, be psychologically prepared! In any case of failure you are responsible and in success, the project owner will have all the credits! And so what, you are the Father, Be PROUD!


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