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Importance of ITSM on IT Support

by | 1 Jun 2022 | News

Information Technologies Service Management (ITSM) has become increasingly important after the pandemic. In particular, IT organizations are expected to offer specialized organizational skills at the highest level, in line with the business continuity and growth policies of companies.

If we accept that information technology service management’s principal purpose is to manage their IT organizations according to the best standards by using different management styles and implementing forward-thinking development programs, then the reliability of service-providing IT organizations becomes essential at this point. At this point, ITSM practices shed light on IT organizations on the way to meet the new demands created by our business age and become true service-oriented organizations with technical experts.

Furthermore, IT organizations that have adopted inadequate approaches to configuration and problem solving from the past to the present cannot be trusted to manage the process effectively. IT, however, achieves quality by managing processes according to predetermined criteria and following rules.

While in the past it was enough for a server and the software on it to work correctly, today, internet connection, security systems, database systems, application servers, phone software, websites, and many other components have to work correctly uninterruptedly at the same time. This requires different areas of expertise to work in coordination with each other.

The point that should be emphasized is the service that will start after the sale, to produce quick and reliable solutions, troubleshoot, and ensure customer satisfaction with the minimum risk and cost; this is a necessity of coordinated work. These are among the most basic features that we will look for in the IT organization that will provide the service.

How do we do it?

At IBS, we strive to build trusting relationships with all our partners by proving IT support. For us, “customer service” essentially starts right after the sale. That’s why we make sure that we are always by your side in every way and we are the strongest team of certified IT engineers.

Our technical experts are just one click away from you, able to deliver the right service at the right time with minimal risk in line with customer demands.

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