iBS reliable partner for IT projects

from | 14 Dec 2020 | News

iBS, in collaboration with international companies such as Microsoft, WatchGuard, Arcserve, RBase, HP, Mailstore, provides high-tech integrated IT systems for standard or customized solutions.

Always accompanied by high-quality support services regardless of the size and complexity of the client's company or organization. Choosing from a range of ready-made, turn-key or special solutions, iBS is the right choice as an IT subcontractor.

The portfolios of IT and business improvement projects that businesses are asked to implement are becoming increasingly complex and interrelated. They often involve large investments, which attract the attention and interest of shareholders. The Management of every company is concerned about the possibility of a project failure and often looks for an independent perspective, regarding the risk of the project it undertakes to implement.

iBS executives work together with clients to achieve the highest possible performance of projects and produce the expected results. The iBS team aims to strengthen the governance and management of tasks throughout a project, to develop specialized information systems in the Public and Private sector. As IT subcontractors we can help our clients in:

  • Choice of IT solutions
  • Implementation of software applications
  • Evaluation of benefits from the implementation of projects/programs
  • Independent evaluation of the services they receive (quality of delivered suppliers/subcontractors, completeness of solutions)

Our key competitive advantage remains innovation and know-how. To date we have designed and implemented many IT projects as subcontractors in large projects developed by large companies as well as in-house.

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