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Electronic Voting & Contests at elvote.gr

from | 29 Aug 2023 | Our works

ELVOTE.GR, online voting & contest site!

ELVOTE is a complete voting solution that enables secure online voting via smartphone, tablet or PC, anywhere, anytime. We implemented the website elvote.gr and we integrated the functionality of ELVOTE's electronic voting and contest system.

ELVOTE, the online voting & contest software can run all types of voting and contests, such as:

  1. Voting of Persons with a Cross
  2. Article voting with three options: YES, NO, PRESENT
  3. Multimedia Voting (Video, Music, Image) 
  4. Contest for radio station (listen to songs)
  5. Panhellenic Competition WE PLAY PUPPETS

Using ELVOTE's electronic voting and contest system, creating, running and managing your own electronic voting is a matter of days. Here are its main features:

  1. Voter authentication with 2FA Security system: Send via SMS or email a unique code to voters to log in.
  2. Voter connection through social networks Google & Facebook.
  3. Voting Uniqueness Authentication: Through cookies, IP, email.
  4. The voter can vote from anywhere: mobile, tablet or computer.
  5. Analysis of results through graphs 

We know exactly what electronic voting means and how important it is to do it successfully. Since 1998, the Hellenic Parliament, the current Prime Minister and our MPs, have been voting through the electronic voting system. Electronic voting is now possible without the need to purchase expensive systems.

Learn more about the Elvote voting system. 

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