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Happy Easter, Happy Resurrection Day

by | 28 Apr 2021 | Announcements, News

Easter Holidays | 30/04-04/05/21

From Good Friday 30/4/21 until Tuesday after Easter 04/05/21 we will remain closed. We will be with you again on Wednesday 05/05/21.

While both physical and psychological fatigue may be evident in all of us, the fact that we are going through the last and most sensitive journey of this long, daily battle with the pandemic gives us hope. We are at the finish line. Let this year’s Resurrection illuminate and highlight the way for the joyful exit for all of us from the coronavirus pandemic.


But let’s see what these wishes really mean.

Easter is a Hebrew word and means passage, crossing, transition.

In other words, the wish means Good Passage. Good Passage from Darkness to Light. Good Passage from our lower, full of passions, self, to our Higher self. Good Passage from a life without goals and ideals, to a life with meaning, substance and merit. Good Passage from the ugly competition, to the noble rivalry. Good Passage from the lies, to the Truth and the Sincere-Selfless Feelings. Good Passage from death, to Eternal Youth and Life. Good Passage from hatred and evil, to Love and Goodness.

Happy Resurrection: It is a symbolic wish.

Happy Resurrection of our Good, our Reborn, our Full of Goodness and Fullness self. We find True Happiness when we discover our true self and when we learn to offer it for the good of humanity. Because only in this way does our life acquire real value.

The iBS Team, wishes you all wholeheartedly,
Good Passage & Happy Resurrection!

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