Happy Easter

from | 2 May 2024 | Announcements

We wholeheartedly wish you a Happy Easter, Happy Resurrection!

Happy Easter! 

Have a good crossing. Happy Crossing from Darkness to Light. Happy transition from our lower, passionate self to our Higher Self. Happy Transition from a life without goals and ideals, to a life with meaning, substance and value. Happy Crossing from ugly rivalry to noble rivalry. Happy Transition from lying, to Truth and Honest- Selfless Feelings. Happy Passing from Death to Eternal Youth and Life. Happy Crossing from hatred and malice, to Love and Kindness.

Happy Easter!

Happy Resurrection of our Good, our Reborn, full of Goodness and Fullness of our Self. True Happiness is found when we discover our true self and when we learn to offer it for the good of humanity. Because only in this way does our life acquire real value.

From Good Friday 3/5/24 until after Easter 8/05/24 we will be closed. We will be with you again on Thursday 09/05/24.

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