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Impressions from ISE 2019

from | 14 Feb 2019 | News

Back from ISE 2019 from beautiful Amsterdam back to our customers' projects and their software needs. Back to Greece, our beautiful, sunny country, where a new software application could determine the future of Parliamentary Voting.

I thought it would be useful to pick a few snapshots of e-voting devices and solutions for parliaments and conferences – but that's part of the challenge. ISE has grown in importance over the years and has become the world's largest audiovisual technology exhibition.

To be fair to the salespeople and technology experts I met, and their PR evangelists, many of them were enthusiastic about their developments, or at least it seemed so – as acquaintances it is said that the key in life is to be able to feign sincerity. !

So there wasn't much to get excited about. This is not to say that there weren't some good electronic voting solutions. Bosch introduced some of its Dicentis Multimedia devices, these excellent IP devices that feature professional, high-quality microphones and are open to third-party Android application development. It is worth noting that 300 Dicentis devices running the eVoting Application, operate successfully in the Hellenic Parliament.

We are facing the dawn of electronic voting in congresses and parliaments. Many solutions and devices were presented at ISE 2019, but I believe more steps are still needed to get closer to efficient and secure electronic voting solutions with features such as:

  • Instant system recovery, in case of a problem
  • Immediately retrieve the voting stage
  • Seamless operation of microphones
  • Encryption of votes

However, as a long-time professional and observer of the IT industry and especially the software scene, I would say that there was little of note in terms of new software-based technologies at the event. Hopefully, next year at ISE 2020, the last in Amsterdam, as the show moves to Barcelona in 2021, we'll see more IP smart whiteboards, 4K Wifi streaming solutions and IP devices running the eVoting Application!

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