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ELVOTE, Secure Voting Solution through any device

by | 8 Jun 2022 | Νέα

We would like to introduce you to ELVOTE, the best electronic voting solution! What is ELVOTE and how can you use it? To answer it, we must first define why do we need electronic voting solutions? 

We already know that voting with traditional methods (by voice, by raising the hand, at the ballot box, or through the mail) is time-consuming. We have to adopt that we should be able to vote from everywhere. Online, fast, and secure voting through any device offers a great solution for time management and business continuity. In todays’ after-covid period, the use of remote session and voting systems is now widespread and required.

ELVOTE is a complete voting solution that allows secure online voting through a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, anywhere and anytime. The election committee publishes the topics to be voted on and establishes the type of vote and all the necessary parameters so that the voting procedure remains inviolable and in accordance with the company’s charter.

The e-voting system is supporting 2FA, meaning it sends via SMS or by email a unique code to voters for connecting. Eligible voters vote in a secure manner and their ballot is stored, encrypted, and anonymously cast at the ballot box. Only the administrator and the voting committee of the voting procedure may open the ballot, decrypt and see the voting results.

As IBS, we have further developed the electronic voting system, in addition, we have made available the online timer system for speakers chronometro”. Our aim was to provide a faster and more reliable solution for the continuation of meetings while making critical decisions for companies, institutions, and organizations.

ELVOTE, the electronic voting software can adapt all possible voting parameters. The deep experience and success of our implementation in the Hellenic Parliament proves our highest specialization and certifies the capabilities of the software. So what is included in our voting solution?

  • End-to-end security and encryption
  • Can work, regardless of Device Type
  • Vote from anywhere
  • Users error prevention system
  • Count votes swiftly and with precision

In case you are interested in organizing your own elections, especially if you occasionally run votings, please do not hesitate to fill out our form about your voting needs (currently only in greek), and we will propose to you the best voting experience you have ever had.

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