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Electronic Voting for Kouklopaizoume

by | 9 Jun 2022 | Νέα

The first online voting for the voting of video performances takes place in the Panhellenic Competition Kouklopazioume 3.

The electronic voting of the video performances for the competition kouklopaizoume 3. was completed today with remarkable success. By participating in the Kouklopaizoume Competition you learn in depth the process of the program, with your child or team, aiming to travel with this creative action from the construction of your theatrical puppet to the presentation of a short puppet theater performance (5′-15 ‘).

The electronic voting system ensured the uniqueness of each vote, as well as the authenticity of the users. Within a short period of time, it was possible for more than 1,000 participants, from Greece and abroad, to connect, watch the posted videos and vote for their favorites. The acceptance from the public, the assurance of the good operation at the peak hours as well as the successful activation of the security mechanisms when necessary, enabled the successful conduct of the electronic voting of the competition.

The Pan-Hellenic puppet show is held every year at the end of the school year under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions. This year was the first year that public voting was conducted online using the iBS electronic voting system.

We have to thank the theatrical group ” Prassein Aloga ” puppetry for the opportunity to get acquainted with the puppet show and especially Mrs. Emmanuela Kapokaki for her trust, unchanging energy, and presence, who taught us how beautifully you can feel through the world of the doll.

We hope for Kouklopaizoume 4 to take part as a team, to participate in the training seminars, and to live the next electronic competition as participants and not just behind the screens.

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