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Dedicated CPU and Plesk Obsidian for your hosting server

by | 10 Dec 2020 | Announcements, Νέα

iBS offers a big range of Ηosting plans that meet the needs of its customers, from Small shared hosting to Premium dedicated hosting services

Small shared hosting services aimed at individuals and professionals looking for an affordable and reliable hosting service for their website and email. Premium dedicated hosting services aimed at companies who want multiple websites and the ability to host their clients by assigning the responsibility of operation to iBS.

For iBS, the main pillar for the hosting services we provide is to offer a strong guarantee for uninterrupted operation and solid security, thus providing our customers with the best possible cloud hosting solutions.

We have upgraded the majority of our hosting infrastructure to provide even more powerful, reliable, and efficient means for our clients to host their projects. Plus we extended our hosting solutions, by providing dedicated CPU plans in a Cloud infrastructure based in Greek Datacenter. These frustrated extended hosting services were archived by our new cooperation with Lancom’s Datacenters.

Our servers are equipped with the latest version of PHP 7, which allows for superior performance and more efficient memory allocation, and additionally vastly improved security. Protection against Malware has greatly improved as well as more robust protection against Spam that ensures your email conversations are always secure and stay private on SMTP, IMAP & POP connections. You can expect the latest hardware upgrades and we are offering even bigger storage options, more Memory, and also dedicated CPUs offering more REAL power and cores.

In our new hosting infrastructure, you may administer your website or websites through the new Plesk Obsidian. A redesigned UI for a user-friendly experience and productivity, a more robust web hosting security as Mod Security and Fail2ban are active out of the box by default, and a complete array of collaborative email features like shared contacts, calendars, tasks, and file storage.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet reliant and efficient way to host your website or e-shop, check out our Shared hosting plans, or if you require a more dedicated and powerful solution, we also have Dedicated hosting plans for all needs!

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