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Corporate website of STEFENSON association

by | 3 Jan 2023 | Our works

O STEPHENSON the PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION OF JUNIOR ENGINEER CREWS OF THE MERCHANT MARINE “STEFENSON” was founded in 1902 and keeps alive this task and from its own meter, it contributes in every way, form and means to the organization of seafarers. The need for dignity in life pushed the heaters to organize into a fist to defend their rights this purpose we still serve today.

We completed the development of the stefenson.gr website using WordPress and the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. We created post categories PRESS RELEASES, COMPLAINTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, LEGISLATION so that all new articles can be uploaded and the members of the union can be informed easily and quickly about what is happening. We also created a form for registration in the union which accepts photos, pdf, and doc files to validate the member’s details.

As it is an association website we created a page with detailed information about the purpose and establishment and added all the necessary plugins required for the security and good operation of the website.

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