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CHRONOMETRO, digital speakers’ timer

by | 8 Mar 2021 | News, Our works

CHRONOMETRO is a digital timer for conferences, which can be used for the timing and fair management of speakers’ time in a meeting room, and also in your online conference session. No special wiring is required and it can be operated easily and at any time where timing is necessary. The administrator, in addition to managing the speakers’ time, controls all parameters through the multilingual administration environment, customizes the timer’σ appearance by selecting the type, size, background color, and font of the timer. The sound and rhythm of listening can also be adjusted. CHRONOMETRO provides a solution for fair management of speakers’ time. A special version is offered for FREE use and testing. In the WebFree version, viewing of the running time for all can be achieved through the administrator’s shared screen. For additional features there are other versions with multiple additional capabilities.

Do you need a speakers’ timer? CHRONOMETRO is the solution for your needs. It features an elegant time display and is operable on all device types.

It is ideal for auction rooms, courts, amphitheaters, for the countdown of speaker time, and fully customizable by the administrator. You can read more information on the product website. .

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