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We have accomplished various IT projects in various industries and sizes. System integrations, network connectivity, custom software development, WordPress sites, cloud services, we could say we got IT.

Electronic Voting

FOMCS the Yacht & Charter management system


FOMCS the Yacht & Charter management system includes end-to-end functionality such as marketing, booking, tenant screening, yacht management, charter management, and payment processing. Through FOMCS API for portals, FOMCS’s clients – yacht operators and owners – can make available their fleet for booking in any web marketplaces for yachts’ booking or even for sales.

Dedicated development for a Web Application providing PSC analytics

Client: SQE

Turn Big Data Analytics into Business. Port state control (PSC) is an inspection regime for countries to inspect foreign-registered ships in ports other than those of the flag state and take action against ships that are not in compliance. We developed a Software Platform for providing PSC Performance Analytics, an automated engine that incorporates validated data and proper mathematical modeling to boost Performance Transparency and Common-Sense Benchmarking.

Electronic Voting
Electronic Voting

Electronic Voting with Speakers’ Registration Software Solution for the Hellenic Parliament

Client: Hellenic Parliament

The development team of iBS designed and implemented for the Bosch Dicentis Multimedia, Android applications for speakers’ registration and parliament members’ voting, in Greek language. The progress of the speaker’s registration and voting, displays in real-time on the system operator’s screen, the presidium’s screen and if chosen, to any selected screen. When commencing the speakers’ registration or/and voting, Parliament Members declare their intention to participate by using their magnetic card on bench’s unit – Bosch Dicentis Multimedia.

Chronometro Application, Speakers Time

Clients: Hellenic Parliament , Supreme Court of Croatia

Designed and developed by the iBS development team, Chronometro is a web application used to manage and display the available and running Speaker’s time to Hall’s Display Monitors and any type of devices (Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones, Smart TVs). The timer equipment can operate smoothly in continuous 24-hour operation – it never goes out. By using an HTML link it is possible to view the speaker’s time either in your online session via Zoom, Webex, Skype, etc., or in the conference room.
Electronic Voting
Electronic Voting

Public Announcement with text2speech solution for Athens International Airport

Client: Athens International Airport

The goal was to create a software application that would allow announcers to convert their text messages to voice messages (text2speech). These text messages would be combined with automated data given through airport’s data as flight details, zone numbers and gates. The coverted voice mesages would be announced through Bosch Praesideo to the specific defined airport’s zone.


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