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Archiving Mails with Mailstore

by | 16 May 2022 | Informatics, Νέα

E-mails are crucial for both official and personal purposes. In most cases, you cannot afford to lose them. It is possible for users to delete emails intentionally or unintentionally from time to time. The archiving of emails is a vital part of business structures, particularly for businesses.

This is because employee circulation is very high within many organizations. This circulation can result in the loss or backup of previous correspondence in a manner that can be extremely difficult to access.

It is possible that situations such as late opening or extreme slowness may occur due to the increase in data sizes on client computers or servers employed by businesses. A large number of PST, OST, or database files can cause users to lose valuable time waiting for their client (Outlook, thunderbird) or server (Exchange, Qmail) screens to open.
In this regard, a backup of your emails is highly recommended. It is one of the most efficient methods to backup your email using email backup software among all other methods.

The Mailstore allows you to manage all of your business’ email archives from one central location by compressing the entire email database by 50% and it is capable of preserving the emails of companies or institutions for as long as you wish. Company emails are centralized using one dashboard. Mailstore is able to restore all user correspondence up to that point in time in the event of a problem with an individual’s mails.

If necessary, even a single email can be recovered. Malicious individuals or accidental disasters are prevented by this method. In the case of termination of the employment contract of a departing employee, deleting their e-mails poses a significant problem. Using MailStore, you are able to avoid such situations.

On the other hand, MailStore utilizes a Firebird database. In addition, it provides an option to load into SQL. The advantage of Firebird is that it is much more efficient and inexpensive than SQL. In this regard, it is not very appropriate to alter the Firebird database by default.

What Mailstore provides you?

The archive received by Mailstore can be easily transferred to another platform, no matter which platform it originated from. For example, a company using Gmail infrastructure can send an archive from Mailstore and Gmail Suite later to Exchange infrastructure, directly to clients (Outlook, Thunderbird) or file systems (.pst, .eml, .msg, etc.). The archive will never be lost in a switch from one platform to another.

  • Compatibility with all server, client, and file systems except IBM Lotus.
  • With the external proxy plug-in, it can perform instant (real-time) archiving.
  • Automatic archiving can be performed without the need for user intervention.
  • The system can take a user-independent backup of the database.
  • Using auto-delete, the system speeds up servers and clients.
  • It is possible to grant access to users to other archives.
  • It is capable of searching large data sets very quickly.
  • After the specified database size has been reached, it can automatically create a new one.
  • Using the web interface, it is possible to access the archive remotely.
  • With the Outlook add-in, you are able to quickly access the archive and provide feedback.
  • It can perform a database health check for your emails.
  • Integrated with Active Directory.
  • Provides detailed archive search capabilities.

iBS offers Mail Store archiving solution, a key component when it comes to protecting and retaining business-critical emails and correspondence.


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